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Hello, and welcome to my legacy challenge! This is the very first time I have ever done something like this on WordPress so I apologize for the lack of flair. I love playing the sims, and I also love to write so I figured that I would give this a go. This legacy story is a mixture of game driven and plot driven. My goal is to update the story at least once a week if not more with each chapter being a full week in sim time.  I hope you enjoy the stories that unfold before you! 


Amelia Love was the only child of a single mother. She is still unsure of whether who her father is a mystery, or if her mother just chose to cut him out of their lives. Either way, Amelia was always proud of her mother and looked up to her as a strong female role model. Unfortunately, due to her mother’s untimely death in a house fire, and her general lack of family to take her in, Amelia was forced to live out her teenage years bouncing from foster home to foster home.

However, now that Amelia has come of age she is able to inherit what little is left of her mother, an empty plot of land. With little money, nowhere else to go, and a goal to build her life she picked up her art easel and headed off to start her life.

Succession Rules: 

Due to her lack of a father and strong male role model in the home Amelia desires her legacy to be blood-related females only. However, if there are no female candidates then there will be no other choice than to choose a male. If there are more than one female born to an heir, then the next in line will be chosen by you through a vote.